Here’s some sweet deets about this wacky weirdo…


As a kid, Ty just wanted to make his parents laugh, so he'd recite Chris Farley's "down by the river" until they wanted to toss him in the river. 

In high school, he found his passion for performing when he voiced different animals from the children’s book “Charlie the Caterpillar.” This was where his character work truly began. It took him to state speech, where he received a few medals, and his only patch for his letterman jacket. Yep, that’s right… he wasn’t that athletic.

In college, he became a NCAA Division 1 mascot for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. There, he performed live for over 90,000 people and was broadcast nationally for millions to watch him be a goofball while the “real athletes” were on the field.

His postgraduate studies are taught on the streets of Denver, Co, and since relocating, he’s performed at Comedy Works, been in 2 feature films, 14 short films, 4 live theatre productions, 4 commercial appearances, and 6 new media projects. He has a few features booked for 2019 and is hoping to gain theatrical representation.

When he isn’t onstage telling jokes or onscreen, Ty spends time working on rebuilding his 1985 Honda motorcycle, writing sketches, painting and woodburning projects.