NYE Aftershow Reflection

I wrote this the day after I performed my first performance for a New Years Eve music show in which I got to open for a rock band, some DJ's and a Hip-Hop MC. I had a blast.Enjoy

I have yet to listen to the recording of my set, but I am hopeful to scour it for all the earned laughs. 

Last night I was booked for a 10 minute set between musicians at a New Years Eve party. I knew the host from work and was excited he asked me to do the show. It was the motivation I needed to solidify my set and a perfect time to debut it. I feel that over the course of this year, I've gotten a lot better, even only having done a few open mics. I think I was unfocused for a long time being distracted and complacent with a pretty girl, but the exhilaration I felt last night, after completing my set was unmatchable. 

I was supposed to go on at 9 but with a loose schedule, we ran about 10 minutes behind, and I wasn't quite sure when I was supposed to go up, but with the show being a music show, the MC wasn't like a comedy MC, so I ended up going onstage a little too soon, he didn't shake my hand and kept the mic in his, so I ended up awkwardly standing on the stage with him as he continued introducing the show. 

So after an already rough start, I had to talk to a room with most people in the back of the dance floor at the two tables, standing around by the wall, and other bar patrons having drinks at the bar. 

One thing that the MC, Phil told me that really stuck was that you have to command the room. Own it.

Be a god to them. 

I learned that when the lights are in your eyes, you can't see anybody really, so talking to the dark is unnerving itself, paired with the conversations going on close to the stage and the general commotion of this being a dance club bar, I experienced a few hiccups in my act. I had to revert to my setlist 3 times, but even though I'm critical of those mistakes, they are humbling, and now I know I need to be more familiar with my whole set, and maybe create better links between the jokes. The ones I have commited to memory came out well and I think I had decent pacing, but I'll review.

Like I said, I haven't listened to the recording yet, but with the little bit of dead air just hanging on stage, I think I probably went over by about 5 minutes. I think I have enough material for a solid 8, but I need to be solid in that 8 and I think I went over time  because of my first time timidness and not being totally comfortable with my material. the conditions of the room were unfavorable, but it's no excuse for not performing to the full potential.

I'm confident that more rehearsing will boost my set to the max.

These are all things I learned from going through my whole set, while having some illusion of comfort onstage. 

The friends who came were really supportive, and I don't know if it was just because they are friends or because the jokes and delivery were funny themselves, but from what friends said, I "was really fluid" which aside from the mental blanks from unfamiliarity, I agree with. I feel comfortable with most of my jokes, and have an idea of which ones didn't really work. 

I did almost a 17 minute set, and it took about 30 minutes for me to unwind and relax. Immediately off stage, I started criticizing myself, which I need to calm down on because I always overthink things. One last thing, stop fidgeting with the mic cord.

My friends thought I was great, and so should I. I need to accept the present and progress.

All in all, I'm pleased with the first opening show, and I know I have room to improve, but I'm really excited about the process. I'm eager to refine and polish all these jokes until they shine.