Election as a Highschool Fight

This last election was like witnessing a fight break out in a highschool lunchroom and nobody wanted anything to do with it. At first We were just like, HA!,  look at these idiots. This is should be good.

And it WAS!

It was so good. Cause neither of these kids were both just back-handedly slapping each other.The media is in the corner yellin, "Fight Fight Fight!"  and everybody else thought it was a big stupid prank. Ha-Ha guys good one, this for youtube?

Alright shut up so we can eat.

Then the moment came just like in any stupid fight, when one of the kids actually connects a solid fist right to the others face, Everyone's laughin'  "Hah-hah-hah-Ohhhhhh shit.

And that punch in the face for America was when Trump actually got elected, and everybody was like, pffft naaah, No way. So then we all look at the teacher (electoral college) like you serious? Cause she's had to be in on it too.There's noooooooo way! Oh you rascal, Miss Kopetski, you really are one hip gal! Nah, seriously though,

Count it again.

Then Ms. K goes, yeah well, the numbers are there cause He told the nazi homeschoolers that he was gonna build a grilled cheese wall to make the cafeteria great again, so unless you can convince ol' swastica face that a grilled cheese wall isn't... really that logical in this reality,

I guess he's in charge now...

and the lunchroom goes silent. And here's the part where I’d like to be the guy to tell you we shouldn’t stand for this, that we should flip the tables and let this food fight revolution begin, but the problem is: if you're the first person to toss some taters, you get detention. in Cuba. forever. And some of you might say, "Ah well, If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem but that’s bullshit too. 

Look If a equals b and b equals c, then c equals a. Thats cool, but X is just trying to find himself in some threeway and doesn't even want your system. Get that alge-bull out of here.

Ty Sells