I can be your hero baby.

That was the song that was going through my head all day long yesterday, and I made out with a dummy.

No tongue though.

As a Denver Parks & Recreation employee, I was able to attend a CPR Certification class and am now a first aid responder, so if you are aren’t breathing, in cardiac arrest, or maybe choking and I’m around, you better believe you got a hero on your hands. I’ll save you.

It was awesome to learn the ways of the savior, and I hope I never have to put these skills to use, but if I do, just know that I’ll be giving you 30 compressions and 2 breathes to make sure you’re “Stayin’ Alive.” That’s the song they use to make sure you do compressions at around 100-120 bpm, the rhythm necessary to restart the heart. I heart your heart and don’t want it to stop working, so I’ll assign someone to call 911, someone to get the AED and I’ll make sure that not “Another One Bites the Dust,” another song they use… kinda morbid in my opinion.

Anyway, stay safe out there, but if you do go down, and I’m around, I got your back. Sorry if I break ribs…

Ty Sells